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Isabel Marant's Ideal Chicago Store Would be 'Free' and 'True'

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Isabel Marant Soho via WWD
Isabel Marant Soho via WWD

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In the US, first it was the Soho flagship in 2010, then just yesterday Isabel Marant's first West Coast store opened on Melrose Place in West Hollywood. It's the eleventh store for the brand behind fashion capitals like Paris, Madrid, Hong Kong and Soeul. According to the WWD, the "slow and calculated" retail expansion of Isabel Marant might consider having Chicago on the horizon, though fails to say for sure. She notes, "I am always trying to choose something a bit different, not on the main road, always a bit aside, but that takes time to get the real feeling of each city," as she goes on to use words like "freedom" and "trueness" when describing the perfect spot.

If we were to speculate, and by all means, we will, here's how it would go. Citing that the designer found the LA spot by accident (because of volcanic ash in Iceland) and that there's a cool modernist factor to her boutiques, also that the garden in front of the store gives a little privacy--which she prefers as opposed to other high-traffic areas--makes us think Bucktown. Though, is there really any other place in this city other than the Gold Coast for a $1335 leather-trimmed tweed jacket?
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