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New Years Resolutions of Security Guard: Eat Well and Exercise

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This is Store Sidekicks, an occasional end-of-the-week feature in which we profile the fuzzy wuzzy creatures who inhabit shops around the city. If you'd like to nominate your favorite store animal, drop us a line at

A serious and reflective Paco. Photos: James Atkins

Cram in Lakeview has been making the girls and boys happy for years. The store though transformation after transformation has adapted to what Lakeviewers want and need through categories across the board--men's, women's and children's clothing and accessories, even underwear and swimwear. And the one employee who's been there from the beginning? Paco, the baddest Jack Russell north of Diversey.

How do you like that, Gilda?

Paco's role at the store is security and believe you me he could basically charm the panties off anybody, thwarting the ambitions of many a-masked robber. For his lunches, he tends to bring a bag from home containing (his favorite) apples and carrots or home cooked veggis with rice.

Recently, the pup had a horrific encounter with a terrible tumor. Turns out, he had an anal sac carcinoma , so he went under the knife at the local hospital to remove the tumor. The surgeon was able to get it out in one piece, and luckily thereafter the biopsy came back clear so he doesn't need chemo. Paco was back to normal and working hard after 3 days of being spoiled.

With the recent New Year, his resolutions for 2013 are to have more time for his best friend, Marc and for more beach and swimming time. As we probed toward the pursual of love interest in 2013, he says he's not commited to any girl, but his favorite girlfriend is Gilda, a Chihuahua.
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