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There's a Facebook Page for a Nonexistent Trader Joe's in Logan Square

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A rendering of a once nonexistent Trader Joe's in Boulder, CO
A rendering of a once nonexistent Trader Joe's in Boulder, CO

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Last month, a group of concerned citizens in a closely knit northwest side neighborhood of Chicago started a Facebook Page for a Trader Joe's. The problem? There is no Trader Joes in their neighborhood. In less than 30 days, the page has surged with 'likes' and speculative comments urging for action and fantasizing about Two Buck Chuck and jars of Milk Chocolate Smashing S'mores within walking distance. Not such a ridiculous fantasy being that there are no nice(ish) stores around Logan Square on the side of a larger chain like Dominick's or Whole Foods. Obviously this is a much needed faculty of a neighborhood and as people are pointing out on the page, there are plenty of retail spaces for the store to go.
· Trader Joes in Logan Square, Chicago, IL. [Facebook]