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City Soles Had Slow Holiday Which Means Big Sales Right Now

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In an interview with WWD, owner of City Soles, Scott Starbuck weighs in on the current climate and we learn that he had a heavy buy this winter and experienced less movement of the product than expected. "We'll go to our ammunition of clearance sales and markdowns to motivate the customers," said Starbuck, "Our margins will go down, but hopefully we'll make up for it in volume and by moving more product." Which means things are on sale. And because City Soles is big into e-commerce, those prices are available online--so you don't have to ever leave your house to buy the shoes of your dreams. In the best case these shoes are 65% off both in-store and online. Currently, there are 128 items for women and 44 for men on sale online and even more in the store... so if you need those aforementioned 'dream shoes', now would be the time to get them.
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