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Waveland & Clark: Furniture Shopping Made Easy

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Photos: via Waveland & Clark

PureWow Chicago has found a way to take the pain out of furniture shopping. Namely: "sit on your old couch while you pick out a new one." Intrigued? Get your browser ready.

The new website Waveland & Clark is a local, online-only furniture shop started by two entrepreneurs. After working at companies such as Groupon and Bed Bath & Beyond, Chris Min and Ryan Scarpelli founded the site, which sells everything from modern tables to sofas, storage cabinets, and beds.

The prices are less than they'd be in a big-box store, and there's a free return policy and a five-year warranty. Want a peek at some of our favorite goods? Check them out, after the jump.

· Waveland & Clark [Official Site]
· PureWow Chicago [Official Site]