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Damsel in Dior Blogger Jacey Duprie on Chicago Style

 Photo: Courtesy of Seven Daughters and Damsel in Dior
Photo: Courtesy of Seven Daughters and Damsel in Dior

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Jacey Duprie is the fashion-savvy blogger behind Damsel in Dior, and she's the perfect lady to chat with about all things stylish—and sip-able.

Duprie, who's now based in Los Angeles but is a former Windy-City resident, just signed on as the spokeswoman for Seven Daughters wines' Savvy Seven blog panel. And with the holidays coming up, we thought it would be a perfect time to chat with Duprie about entertaining and getting all dolled up this season. Read on to learn where Duprie shops in Chicago, where she'd go if she could travel in time, and what's always in her wine glass.

We heard you went to school in Chicago! Where did you go, what did you study, and—most importantly—where did you shop?
I went to DePaul University and studied Journalism and English. My favorite places to shop were along Armitage Avenue. My aunt had a store there called Celeste Turner, and I absolutely loved Lori's Shoes. I also enjoyed trotting around Oak Street and the occasional full day on Michigan Avenue. Chicago is one of my favorite cities to get lost walking around in.

What's your overall impression of Midwestern style?
I love the effortlessness that Midwestern style embodies. The way people dress in Chicago seems to mirror their friendly and easygoing demeanor, and there is something very attractive about it. Freezing cold temperatures can mean wearing an extra heavy coat when out and about in the Midwest. I love how you see a sea of black coats on the streets but when you go into a bustling restaurant it is vibrant with happy faces and sharp dressing.

We know you're big into entertaining, so if you could host a dinner party anywhere in Chicago, where would it be? Who would you invite, dream-dinner-party style?
I would love to rent out the top of the Signature Room at the John Hancock Tower and throw a lavish "Flappers and Dappers" dinner and dancing party. The invite list would include: Gatsby, Maggie Smith, Scott Fitzgerald, Alicia Keys, Jack Nicholson, Coco Chanel, Will.i.Am, Anna Wintour, Heidi Merrick, Chris Martin, Hemmingway, Ray Charles, Marilyn Monroe, Ella Fitzgerald, Beyonce and Jay Z to name a few, and tons of family and close friends.

Tell us about your partnership with Seven Daughters! How did it come about? And, what's your drink of choice?
Wine has always been my favorite drink of choice because it provides you with a rich experience that can inspire or move a person. The partnership fell into place very organically in that I'm a long time lover of the Terlato family and Seven Daughters has such a happy and refreshing message. Seven Daughters encourages you to enjoy your favorite wine—mine is the Red Blend!—while tackling a new project, hosting a fun dinner party or seeking inspiration to add a splash of color to your life.

What will be your go-to outfit for holiday parties this year?
Red, red, red! I can't get enough of it. Not only is it my favorite wine choice but it's my favorite color to dress in as well. Whether it's adding a splash of red to my lip, clutch, shoe or dress, I am looking for anything red to add some holiday happiness to my wardrobe.

What keeps you inspired on a day-to-day basis to work on your beautiful blog?
Beautiful things inspire me, so thank you for saying my blog is beautiful! Getting out of the office and simply walking around my neighborhood can be inspiring. I have several quirky stores I like to visit in Los Angeles such as flower shops, studio rental stores and interior design studios that inspire me.

Who would your dream guest blogger be?
I would love to have Bill Cunningham do a trend piece for my blog. He's absolutely adorable and sharp as a whip when it comes to having an eye for trends. The best in the industry!

And lastly, if you could own any piece of Dior from any era, what would it be?
I love the beautifully constructed suiting that Dior did in the early 1960s. Women knew how to dress and designers knew exactly how to dress them. From the hats to the gloves and of course the dresses— I wish I could go back just for a day!
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