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Chicago Costume is Out of Foam Fingers; Still Has Tutus

 Photo: Miley Baretard t-shirt, via
Photo: Miley Baretard t-shirt, via

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We were morbidly curious: What's still available at Chicago Costume outposts this. very. minute? We got the chain's owner Courtland Hickey on the horn (on his cell phone, actually—the store's lines were all backed up) and got the scoop.

There are still tons of individual pieces for classic D.I.Y. costumes, including devil horns, tails, pitchforks, tutus, corsets, animal ears, tails, and whiskers. There's a versatile collection of wigs and masks—including unicorns and monster masks.

The shops never run out of the classic, full-body costumes for a nun, a flapper, a ninja, a witch, or a priest. Or, if you want to stay warm, pull on a Sesame Street character costume or a Cushzilla animal onesie. If you're trying to be Miley, however, you're out of luck. The foam fingers and the Miley "Baretard" tees are long gone. —Lily Montasser
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