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The Pouch that Keeps Your Change and Pants Quiet

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Today's pick comes from Racked NY Menswear Specialist Mickey Sery.

Roosevelt Supply Snap Pouch, $18 at Birchbox

No matter how hard I try, I accumulate coins throughout the day. The credit card machine might be down at the drugstore or the cool new coffee shop is cash only—whatever the reason, I can't avoid metal currency. It's embarrassing to hearing your own pants jingle from coinage, so lately I've been leaving all my change in tip jars. I've even hurried out of places before the salesperson had time to give me any change that was under a dollar.

But after I saw the Roosevelt Supply Snap Pouch, I started rethinking my fear of coins. The shape allows the pouch to sit discreetly at the bottom of your pocket while the snap ensures the coins are contained and kept quiet. The pouch is utilitarian enough that should I want to pull it out, I won't be embarrassed. It also comes in five colors to fit your personal style. So now instead of giving my money away, I'm going to be keeping it all to myself, quietly.
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