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Get Ready for Takeoff! Welcome to Racked's First Travel Week

Racked is no longer publishing. Thank you to everyone who read our work over the years. The archives will remain available here; for new stories, head over to, where our staff is covering consumer culture for The Goods by Vox. You can also see what we’re up to by signing up here.

It's that time of year again: planes, trains, and automobiles are about to become our best friends. And just in time, we're rolling out Racked's first annual Travel Week. From now through Friday, we'll be devoting roughly half of our content to everything you need to know about traveling to and from Chicago. Need tips on packing jewelry? Wondering what it's like to be a fashion buyer who takes regular jaunts to Paris? Looking to buy a bathing suit in November?

You get the gist: whatever your needs are as a style-savvy traveler, we've got you covered (and not in an airplane snuggie. Promise.) So read up, relax, and enjoy the ride.