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Stay Zen on the Road: Tips From spa at dana Director Emily McConnell

 Photo: Courtesy of spa at dana
Photo: Courtesy of spa at dana

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Last week, the spa at dana debuted its winter services with a little par-tay. Knowing that Racked Travel Week was around the corner, we took the opportunity to chat with spa director Emily McConnell about staying zen on the road. (And, ok, not totally haggard looking.)

We got the scoop on which services are best tailored to weary travelers—and what beauty blunders to avoid while hopping from planes to trains to Uber-mobiles. Read on for her tips. But beware: if you want to follow them, bid adieu to your customary in-flight cocktail. Sigh.

What are some common side effects of travel on overall health?
Dehydration is a very common side effect to flying. This happens because the cabin air is pressurized, meaning the moisture in the air is removed. As a result, it can cause your skin to look dull, sallow or tired. In other words, flying makes you look much older than you really are. Stress and fatigue is another common side effect of flying and can cause headaches, insomnia or decreased productivity.

Add on delays and baggage mixups, and it's a real picnic. What should people do on an airplane or on the road to try to combat some of these issues?
To avoid dehydration , drink plenty of water before, during, after your flight to keep your hydration levels high. Avoid caffeine and alcohol—they will dehydrate you even more, and the dehydration will definitely have an effect on your skin. To avoid that, pack a toner in your purse or carry-on. A quick mist every hour will help nourish your skin throughout your flight. For stress and fatigue, travel with an inflatable neck pillow and wear comfortable, non-restricting clothes. Also, staying organized can keep you relaxed during your trip. For example, give yourself plenty of time to check in and get settled so you're not feeling rushed or frazzled.

Which of your spa treatments would you recommend for post-flight? Any for pre-flight?
Try the Intense Hydration Facial ($135 to $175) before or after a flight. This treatment teaches your skin how to auto-regulate its water balance and maintain its moisture reservoir. [It includes a] thirst-quenching mask and sensorial textured serums. You can schedule the Aromatherapy Massage ($110 to $105) after your flight to fight stress and fatigue. The massage uses calming scents and relaxing massage techniques. Light to moderate pressure with kneading and long flowing movements will soothe tired muscles, increase circulation, and release tension. You'll feel 'back to normal' when you finish this treatment.
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