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A Dietician's Picks: 7 Healthy Eats at O'Hare Airport

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Photo: via O'Hare Airport/ Facebook

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René Ficek is the registered dietician nutritionist at Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating in Chicago. She also has the enviable skill of bypassing grab-and-go burritos and cocktails at the airport. Sound like one bummer of an airport party? It's not. From sashimi to cranberry-chicken salad and Mediterranean veggies, here are Ficek's top picks for eating healthy at O'Hare.

"This French-inspired stop in Terminal 1 has several light, healthy, and tasty bites. The menu also includes wine pairings with each menu item- an added bonus! Stop in for their shrimp cocktail, Mediterranean Chicken Salad, vegetable miso salad, or Mediterranean vegetable sampler. All choices filled with antioxidant packed vegetables in dishes full of flavor."

B Smooth
"Talk about healthy selections! This spot in Terminal 3 is full of body nourishing choices. You can make your own smoothie with fat free probiotic vanilla frozen yogurt and throw in some super foods like bee pollen and spirulina for an added boost. Create your own salad here too. Start with a crisp romaine or red leaf lettuce and choose from many different healthy toppings. Topping choices include a wide variety of non-starchy vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds and lean protein. Always remember dressing on the side and in moderation!"

CIBO Express Market
"CIBO Express Markets in Terminals 2 and 3 have something for every type of healthy eater there! Their express markets include a wide array of products from the Chicago area. Local selections include everything from haut chocolate to botanical energy drinks. This express market also carries a wide selection of vegan and organic foods too!"

Fresh Market on the Go
"This a great stop if you are in a rush to catch a flight and need to ensure you have some healthy snacks on hand. At Fresh Market on the Go in Terminal 1, you can pick up yogurt parfaits, crudité, packaged fresh fruits, chicken or tuna salad, or even their cranberry chicken salad."

Jamba Juice
"Always a good standby, Jamba Juice at Terminal 1 provides lots of vitamin and mineral packed smoothies and drinks. Best to use these smoothies as meal replacements, rather than treats since these smoothies can really pack in the calories. Try to include as many fruits and vegetables as possible, and always opt for the smaller size to cut back on calories!"

Argo Tea
"Argo Tea in Terminals 2 and 3 make sure their teas are as tasty as they are healthy. We have known the health benefits of tea for a long time, so take some time to enjoy their tasty tea drinks. They offer a wide selection of hot and cold teas- but just beware of the added sugars. Since the calories in these tea drinks are coming mostly from sugar, choose the lowest calorie options available on their menu."

Wicker Park Seafood and Sushi
"This stop in Terminal 2 packs lean protein in every bite. Healthiest sushi choices are always going to be the Nigiri and Sashimi since sometimes sushi rolls are filled with tempura items or stuffed with cream cheese. Their seaweed salad and edamame are also super nutritious choices! These menu items will ensure your daily omega 3 goal and supply a healthy dose of important micronutrients like magnesium, zinc, and selenium."
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