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Frequent Flier: Meet Haberdash Buyer Michael "MJ" Jaworoski

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Debuting this week, our new series Buyer's Guide gives a behind-the-scenes look at the travels and tribulations of fashion buyers.

Photo: Courtesy of Haberdash

As the buyer for men's store Haberdash, Michael Jaworoski—who goes by MJ—scours the country for the finest things in dapper dressing. For our first Buyer's Guide, we chatted with Jaworoski about his typical agenda while on the road, his drink of choice for chillaxing at O'Hare, and which items one should always carry on.

How often do you travel for work, and which cities do you hit up most?
I travel three to five times a year to New York City for buying trips, and to the New England area to work with some of our manufacturers. I try and hit up other retail markets around the country, too, just to see what the vibe and style is.

In each of those cities, what might a day of work look like? And then, what do you do for fun in each spot?
In New York, I have meetings starting at 8 a.m. Then, maybe lunch with a friend or colleague, and more meetings or appointments until 7 p.m. or so. I grab a couple slices of pizza, then relax in the hotel reviewing the day's work while watching sports—and Duck Dynasty.

What is the most glamorous part of your job?
Definitely having the opportunity to be creative with my work and forming close partnerships with great people in the industry. I remember sitting on Hypebeast when I was in high school, thinking these brands are so cool. And now, I'm friends with the designers and other buyers, which so cool to me.

And the least glam part?
The work hours are insane.

Since you travel so often, what do you look for in a hotel? How do you know a room is "the one"?
Location is the most important thing. And, I need a quiet room with a lot of space to organize all the catalogs from the trip.

What are your favorite hotels, worldwide?
So far my favorites have been The Nomad and The Ace in NYC.

What is your best packing tip?
Bring comfortable shoes if you're going to be walking the trade shows all day, and bring a nice outfit in case you're invited out for a special occasion. Carry on your necessities like mints and deodorant, and maybe even an extra shirt.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to become a buyer?
Approach the stores you'd like to work for, and ask if there are any internship openings with their buying team. Most small shops don't turn down free work. Then learn and move up from there. Hit me up sometime and we can chat—my email's

What's your O'Hare Airport ritual?
Arrive 3 hours prior to departure, and review my schedule while relaxing with a green tea and Toblerone chocolate.
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