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M.A.C.'s Black Friday Lipstick; Marge Simpson Goes High Fashion

By aleXsandro Palombo and courtesy Vogue UK
By aleXsandro Palombo and courtesy Vogue UK

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Global News—
· Why sweater prices are climbing [WSJ]
· The ugly side of UGG's business [Yahoo]
· How to replicate Kate Middleton's highlights [Marie Claire]
· Tortured by high heels, women resorting to foot injections [Elle]
· Mall worker petitions against working Gray Thursday [Consumerist]
· M.A.C. debuts lipstick for Black Friday named Hautecore [Beauty Counter]
· Foot Locker ad has Mike Tyson returning Evander Holyfield's ear [Mashable]
· Marge Simpson models the most iconic looks of the past 100 years [Vogue UK]

Chicago News—
· Walgreens opens its first net zero energy retail store in Evanston today [Racked Inbox]
· Local artist Sarah Nishiura now sells her modern quilts online [DailyCandy Chicago]
· Jewelry designer Ippolita will make a personal appearance at Neiman Marcus on Michigan Avenue from noon to 4 p.m. today [Racked Inbox]


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