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8 Eye-Catching Menorahs to Buy Right Now in Chicago

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Welcome to our seasonal series Gift of the Day, which showcases curated items you can—and should—buy right now in Chicago.

Photo: via West Elm

Hanukah comes a bit early this year. But if the festival of lights caught you off guard, there's still time to get—or gift—a menorah. Here are eight of the most unusual, eye-catching, or downright gorgeous pieces we could find in Chicago. (Get it? One for each night of the holiday.)

Last time we checked, these were all still available for buying and lighting up. But since these are hot items this week, you may want to call ahead. After all, if we sent you hunting down a style that's sold out, we'd feel a whole lot of gelt.

Below, see our gallery of Chicago's most unique menorahs, which range from glowing to puppy-inspired and hand-painted.

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