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Brad Goreski and Deobrah Lloyd Have a Thing For Glitter

 Photo: Courtesy of Kate Spade
Photo: Courtesy of Kate Spade

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Kate Spade president Deborah Lloyd and brand stylist Brad Gorseki recently stopped by Bloomingdale's on the Mag Mile to talk holiday trends. As the season-to-be merry descends, we wrangled the winsome duo for a quick Q&A on all things festive.

Read on to see which Sound of Music character has great style (per Brad), how to set the table for a fabulous dinner bash (per Deborah), and why too much glitter is never enough (per theKate Spade handbook.) And if this inspires you to peruse Bloomie's Kate Spade merchandise, don't let us stop you.

You two are in town to talk about holiday trends, so: what is the Kate Spade official position on sparkles? Should one exercise glitter restraint?
Deborah Lloyd: No! The whole holiday campaign is: "It's the glitter things that count." And the advertising campaign that Brad styled—it's girl sitting in a bathtub, and it's bubbles, and glitter, and champagne—and it's fabulous. So, be unashamedly glittery.
Brad Goreski: Lots and lots and lots of glitter.

It's the season for parties galore, so if you were to have a Kate Spade-themed dinner party, what are you serving and how do you set the table?
DL: Well, my table is normally pink and red, with pink peonies, and I have crystal bowls with gold dots on them. Well, I have everything Kate Spade, so it's easy for me! As for what I'm serving: desserts and pink champagne as an aperitif.

Brad, do you have a go-to party snack or drink—or maybe a go-to party trick?
DL: Oh, he's got several party tricks!

Ok, let's do party tricks then! What are some good ones?
BG: Well, you know, we do flash mobs at my house. So do them wearing glitter, and then you're done.

What is the one holiday dish you can't resist?
BG: Oh, god. All the sweets. I can't! It's the sweets for me.
DL: Well, I love the classic English roast Christmas dinner. It's almost what you have [here] on Thanksgiving, we [English] have on Christmas, and I love that. I love Thanksgiving, too, because I get to do it all twice!

What's the styling advice you give most often this time of year?
BG: For me, it's the thing that I say about the entire year: play dress up. This is the season to really bring your best. It's the time of the year when people are feeling good, and people want to celebrate. It's your time to let your style shine.
DL: For me, it's what makes you smile. You need to feel good, so wear something that really makes you feel good, and you'll go out and have an amazing time.

Which holiday movies have great style?
BG: Oh, so many. White Christmas...
DL: I love Love, Actually. I watch it all year round. Whether there's great style or not, that's my Christmas movie.
BG: The Sound of Music, such a good one. The wedding scene—oh and I love Liesl. "I am sixteen going on seventeen."

What are your New Year's style resolutions for 2014?
DL: For me, Brad pushes me to wear something different. Like Brad made me wear a peplum top and pants to an event. And I moaned and groaned, but I got more compliments from that...[BG interjects: It was so chic]. I was very happy that he made me try something different. So my resolution would be trying something different.
BG: And mine would be to spend less money on clothes less year. Which I can't seem to do like, ever, any year. I have a shopping problem. Who doesn't?
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