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The Spa at Dana: Now With Nail Art

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The only thing tougher than drawing teeny unicorns on fingernails? Getting an appointment to get a little nail art. Oftentimes, the snazzy fingertip design is only offered at packed parties (cue the waiting list) or in home studios. So, the Spa at Dana is aiming to make things a little easier. That's right: the plush hotel spot has just added nail art to its menu of soothing services.

One of the spa's top technicians, Sarah Pelosh, is leading up the fancy-nail-painting pack (she typically works Mondays through Wednesdays and Saturdays.) The service starts with a hand massage that incorporates sweet-smelling essential oils from Zents. Then, it's time to hand-pick a design. Pelosh has a slew of samples she can provide for inspiration (take a peek above); she can also work off magazine photos or help customize a look. The service takes about an hour, including drying time, so it's just a wee bit longer than the average manicure. And the fees are just a wee bit more, too: The spa charges $2 per nail for the art, plus the cost of the manicure.

If you want to ring in 2014 with something glam at hand, you can book an appointment here. Or, if you're looking to be a little more daring next year, why not bump "get jungle-print mani" to the top of the list? Hey, you have to start somewhere.
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