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Behold: A New Treatment For Juicers and Cleaners

 Photo: Courtesy of Sugar Fix Dental Loft
Photo: Courtesy of Sugar Fix Dental Loft

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We've always known about the perilous side effects of too much coffee (we're talking, of course, about yellow teeth.) But apparently, even virtuous juice can take a toll on choppers. Enter Lakeview's Sugar Fix Dental Loft, which has a brand new treatment especially tailored to those who take their kale through a straw from time to time (guilty.)

Called the Chromogen Smile Cleanse, the service aims to clean up stains from liquid fruits and veggies. One of the first services out that there that's been specifically developed for juicers and cleaners, the treatment was created by cosmetic dentist and Sugar Fix founder Dr. Jessica Emery.

"Color in foods comes from chromogens, [which are] intensely pigmented molecules that adhere to enamel," Emery explained in a press release. "Food compounds found in popular juicing ingredients increase a chromogens' ability to stick to enamel. I use white Tupperware bowls to collect my juice, and no matter how hard I scrub it doesn't come completely clean. Just think of how juicing affects teeth in the same way."

The 90-minute treatment costs $600 and includes a consultation, a mini cleaning, the whitening service, and custom take-home trays with whitening products.

Plus, there are the cozy perks provided by the dental loft. Here, services come with aromatherapy neck pillows, mini bottles of San Pellegrino, and cashmere blankets.
· Sugar Fix Dental Loft [Official Site]

Sugar Fix Dental Loft

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