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A Starter Kit for the Wicker Park and Ukrainian Village Whales

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Here we are about to wrap it up in our first-ever Whale Week. And Racked's new lass with sass, Courtney Jacquin has come forth to explain that since there are so many requirements and possessions that qualify one for whale status, there should be a whale starter guide for wannabe whales.

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Sometimes getting that homeless chic look is just easier to do by spending a bunch of money. We've put together a starter kit for everything you need to fit in with the best of 'em in Wicker Park and the Ukrainian Village while splurging a little lot for yourself. For this type of hipster-turned-whale, there's Warby Parker for the eyes, a warm leather skirt by Alice + Olivia for Blue Line delays and for the lips there's something juicy from The Violet Hour.
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