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Bittar & Beer

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Ladies, if you need a stealthier way to convince your guy of your love of jewelry for V-Day, we've got the perfect plan for you. Tell him that you're going out for beer and pretzels from 5-7pm on Feb. 13. He'll certainly be intrigued and want to follow you to any place touting free beer. Unbeknownst to him, you'll be whisking him away to the Alexis Bittar store to check out the baubles. When you get there, immediately get him to double fist two beers while you seek out your fave salesperson. While he's chatting away with the other bros and enjoying his gametime snacks, plop down your newly chosen piece before the cashier, kiss him on the cheek, mention "I love you," and wait until he hands over his credit card. Be sure to thank Alexis Bittar for facilitating this purchase, and happy V-Day to you! [Racked Inbox]

Alexis Bittar

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