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These Marchesa A/W'13 Dresses Look A Lot Like AZZA

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At left, Marchesa via Instagram; at right, AZZA via Instagram

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Here is Marchesa on the left and AZZA on the right. Look pretty similar, no? Yesterday's Marchesa Autumn / Winter 2013 runway show, according to Style took inspiration from eighteenth-century romanticism. According to the cultured currents online, via the tipline, for the second season in a row it comes to light that Marchesa's inspiration may have more influences than originally thought.

[From left: Azza via Instagram; Marchesa via Instagram; Azeeza Desai Kahn, designer of AZZA wearing her own design]

Known for intricate beading and embroidery by hand, AZZA has, for the past two seasons, been making waves in print (Vogue) and online (The New York Times and Hello! Magazine) across the globe. These shout-outs have only boosted the industry accolades garnered from showing at events like Fashion Focus in Chicago and Pakistan Fashion Design Council Bridal Week. AZZA has not yet released anything to the public about its Autumn / Winter 2013 collection.
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