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Crossfader King, Matt Roan Gives Us Bedroom Dance Party Magic

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As the lights dim lower and the nights get hotter this week, say, tonight, we look to local purveyors of music culture to assist us in our romantic endeavors. Everybody's bedroom needs a smoother soundtrack so today we've asked DJ Matt Roan to lend us his skills and make us a great baby makin' playlist.

The man behind the magic hat, known for giving the hearts of lovers around Chicago the beats they need to survive, has mixed especially for us, some bedroom dance party magic. Matt Roan is a fixture at Studio Paris on Thursdays and at Beauty Bar for the monthly Champagne Retro night. Also a fixture of the fashion scene, he just finished shooting a new lookbook with Aframes Eyewear and will have some extra special fashion feature coming up this spring, which we'll get into in a few months. When Matt isn't churning out the beats at the clubs and romancing the crowds, you can find him in his lady-friendly spaceship wearing this incredible t-shirt, a relaxed grey sweatshirt and a Hawks jacket--and nothing more--listening to tunes like these.

BabyMakingMusic for by DJ Matt ROAN
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