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Fashion & Art Collide at the Harris Theater

Photos: Todd Rosenberg
Photos: Todd Rosenberg

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Arts productions are wonderful, not just because of the grace, beauty and unrelenting discipline that goes into them, but often because of their costumes. Opera productions are known for their elaborate and intricately made costumes, but as of late, the dance realm has jumped into the action. In 2011, we saw the Rodarte sisters take their couture-level tailoring to the ballet in the blockbuster hit, Black Swan. More recently, Oscar de la Renta teamed with the Joffrey to create all of the costumes for the Twyla Tharp piece, Nine Sinatra Songs. Since the fall, Hubbard Street has paid homage to costumes, too, with their installation running concurrently during each of the 35th anniversary series this year.

The Harris Theater has showcased some of the most interesting costumes from the Hubbard Street Repertoire. Period gowns and wigs worn by the dancers of Alejandro Cerrudo's piece, The Set, were displayed during the fall, as well as one of the same costumes (an Oscar de la Renta dress), worn by the Joffrey Ballet for Nine Sinatra Songs. The "easy-off" tuxedo from Minus 16 was also featured.

One of the most striking pieces displayed for Hubbard Street's Winter Series was the silk crepe and chiffon gown by Branimira Ivanova for Lucas Crandall's Atelier. It was said to have been inspired by Rodin. Its many ruffles and pale color do indeed remind you of an impressionist painting.

The final installation takes place surrounding Hubbard Street's Spring Series, March 14-17, and six to eight new costumes will be on display. Some of the featured costumes will be designed by Hubbard Street dancers themselves. The season is on sale now, and you can purchase tix here.
· Hubbard Street Dance Chicago [Official Site]

Harris Theater

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