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Sad News for 24-Hour Caffeine Junkies: No Booze For You

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Now that the famous Rush Street Starbucks has moved next to Prada and started selling alcohol and flatbread, many Starbucks stores from the Loop to Shaumburg have following suit. The total number of stores now offering the expanded service is seven, but don't expect Piper's Alley, the fourth busiest store in the country to start anytime soon. Though the 24-hour Starbucks at North and Wells was the first to start selling the Trenta in the Midwest, it could possibly be the last big store to start selling booze.

Two years ago when Piper's Alley Starbucks received a remodel, the idea of selling upmarket goods was in its infancy. Therefore, the remodel budget did not include room for all the fancy features that the famous Rush Street Starbucks has, even though the conversion was on the table last year during the roll-out of the new "Evenings Store" concept. The concept has the largest presence in Chicago—even more than Seattle—with more Evenings Stores coming this Fall. So if you're in Old Town, Lincoln Park or Wicker Park and Bucktown, it'll be just a few more months.
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