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Burlesque Education From the Creme de la Creme

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Photo: Greg Inda
Photo: Greg Inda

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Ever wanted to learn how to communicate with your kinky subconscious? Sometimes it's the way you walk in heels, maybe other times it's how you work frontal tassels in the boudoir. Whichever way your body (sometimes) may fail you at feeling sexy, the ladies (and gent) from Vaudezilla Studios are available to educate you on working and twerking the best way you can.

This March and April on Saturdays and Sundays, Vaudezilla's all-star performers Red Hot Annie, Po'Chop, Phaedra, Mister Junior and more are giving up the physical intelligence people normally pay to watch. Learn to bellydance, tassel twirl, Fosse jazz dance or BYOH: Bring Your Own Heels and let Mister Junior whip those pins propped on stilettos into shape. 18+.
· Vaudezilla Studios [Official Site]

Vaudezilla Studios

3614 W Belmont Av, Chicago IL 60618