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R.I.P. Fashion's Night Out. Was it Worth the Trouble?

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Overnight, WWD broke the news that this September, Fashion's Night Out is going on hiatus in the U.S. so fashion brands "can focus their budgets on projects that are more in line with their specific objectives".

In New York we can see that all that car smashing violence last year was probs a little bit of a headache. In Los Angeles, celebs came out as per the usual in LA and it seemed like a success there. Chicago's Fashion's Night Out centers around three major retail landmarks; Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and The 900 Shops.

Sure, there are one or two stores in Bucktown that run discounts for the day or a blow dry salon in River North that decides to give away free blow outs, but other than that, nothing really happens. Fashion's Night Out at these three aforementioned Michigan Avenue shopping destinations is a four-hour evening of long lines to prosecco stations, endless Pop Chips and V.I.P. areas holding reality TV show celebs, who are only accessible with a $50 ticket. Though there was that one time Brian Atwood camped out on the shoe floor at Saks to sign newly purchased pairs of pumps, and that time Brad Goreski wore a bow tie, but other than that, nothing really stands out, does it?

On the same token, the question now for the small boutiques that had the chutzpa to host events, give away swag or pay for platters of sushi and skewers of grilled shrimp, is this: was it worth it? The same can be asked for the big guys, though we're sure there would be a more diplomatic response laden with PR terminology.

In the Midwest, shoppers aren't too flashy like Los Angeles or too fast like New York, so it is satisfying to get worked up for the spectacle, and when you're in the moment it's kinda fun, but in the end, was it worth it? This September, will you miss it? Vote here or leave us an extended thought in the comments.

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