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Why Martina Sorbara of Dragonette Likes Italian Music and What She Really Thinks of Juicing

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You may recognize the sounds of Canadian electro-pop band Dragonette from their hit 'Hello' in collaboration with Martin Sloveig or their recent hit 'Let It Go'. And if there's one thing apparent in any of the band's videos or when you see them live is that the front girl and lead vocalist Martina Sorbara is always on-point with what she wears. And if you're headed to see Major Lazer with Dragonette this Saturday at The Congress Theater, you'll see what we're talking about. Curious about Martina's style inspiration, we whip out the cellular telephone and ask her the tough questions.

Racked: You first got bangs last year. What's your favorite way to wear your hair and do you think Michelle Obama copied your style?

Martina Sorbara: Yes. Wait, does Michelle have bangs? For sure she copied me I'm the only person in the world to have bangs. Just kidding, I really don't think so. I like the rare occasion when my hair looks good on its own; when I have the "I don't give a fuck" look.

R: How do you describe your personal style?
M.S.: I dress eclectically. It comes from, or works in tandem with our music. I think electropop is what [society] is least historically versed in, so it's very open to interpretation. Every other genre of music comes from a historical place and translates to how we dressed and learn to play new music. With electropop, it's a new mish mosh.

R: About juicing, it's big in LA. Do you juice?
M.S.: Juicing is bullshit. I eat healthy all the time.

R: What are your favorite artists or songs right now?
M.S.: Now I'm listening to an Italian music mix. I speak conversationally so I listen and get these flashes of what they're saying... but then I just get lost. I like that. So, Jovanotti—I have a huge crush on him and and I'd totally marry him even though I'm already married. I like Fabrizio De André because he does a version of Leonard Cohen's 'Suzanne' in Italian.

R: Tell me about your favorite pair of shoes.
M.S.: The best pair of shoes I own are from Vic Matie. I bought them in Barcelona and I keep going to see there's this It's a pair of flat pointy gun metal grey men's shoes that make me feel dapper. I've got the same pair in black and white.

R: The most fun music video for you to shoot was?
M.S.: Top two would be I did one with all my nieces and my friends Fixin' to Thrill. They knew the concept was bonkers and opinions as to how we should act but they weren't freaked out about having cameras in their faces. And the second is Live In This City--we were laughing hysterically at the mail woman.

R: I always describe Toronto as another Chicago. It's your hometown, so maybe you could tell us a few of your favorite spots. One shop, one restaurant and one place to go out.
M.S.: To go out, I like The Dakota on Dundas at Osington there's often a country band playing but it's hipster country, so it's fun. Also on Dundas there's a crazy as hell Italian place called Campagnolo and that's so tasty. And for stores, there's Made. They sell a lot of beautiful design objects, mostly made in Canada. I've bought some cool shit there. Oh and there's also called a rare books store called Monkeys Paw that I love. They've got a vending machine filled with wrapped books, so you never know what you're going to get.
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