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A Chicago Leather Brand Wants To Show You How To PRSVR

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Behind the Name

The line was seven years in the making, and is the culmination of all the blood, sweat and tears that were shed during the brand's creation. Brandon wanted the line to be functional as well as stylish, and because of that, each tongue-in-cheek product name, and even 2012 Collection motto "a win is a where," define the versatility and innovation of the pieces, demonstrating that they can be taken seriously or be worn more irreverently. They can be dressed up or down.

PRSVR's Signature

Every fashion brand has its own signature: for Vivienne Westwood, it's her sharply tailored pieces and trademark draping that set her apart; for Peter Pilotto and Mary Kantratzou, it's their play with digital prints; for Christian Louboutin, it's the coveted red sole that has hearts aflutter. For PRSVR? the color pink. Brandon admired the strength and seeming stability of the delicate and striking flamingo and its gorgeous pink color, and he believed that anyone could wear pink and look good -- even men.

Environmentally Friendly

Because one of the tenets of PRSVR is respect, Brandon wanted to ensure that that followed through to the construction of the garments as well. Whenever possible, PRSVR uses only slaughter-free leather, and that translates to 90% of the time.

The PRSVR line is attractive not only because of its sleek looks, striving message and entrepreneurial spirit, but because of its price point as well. The most expensive piece is only $625, and most average around the $350-500 range. This could just possibly be the world's most perfect luxury brand, and it's right here in our home town. We suggest you visit their newly opened showroom immediately to purchase something, before their prices increase three-fold. When you buy a piece, you'll join the ranks of famous NFL players and elite businessmen who don their duds with style, aplomb, and PRSVR-ance.
· PRSVR [Official Site]