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Looking For A Little Help Working On Your Fitness?

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New York Fashion Week is upon us and looking at runway models is usually a good reminder that you either need to lose a few pounds or tone up what you have. Need a little help? Meet Alex Vasileski; psychologist; health consultant; personal trainer and founder and CEO of A Mind and Body Total Fitness.

A Mind and Body Total Fitness is an organization built around the idea that no two people are alike and therefore require a different approach to health and fitness. Vasileski creates custom well-rounded programs tailored to each individual that include: health and wellness consulting, nutritional plans and fitness training.

Thinking ain't nobody got time for that? No excuses allowed here! Vasileski's client roster includes executives who are busy and often travel for work so he is no stranger to tailoring nutritional programs to fit hectic lifestyles and has been known to hold training sessions via the Internet. Told you, no excuses!

Whatever your fitness goal may be, A Mind and Body Total Fitness has a solution.— Victoria A Olivares
· A Mind and Body Total Fitness [Official Site]