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What The Average Illinois Lover Spends $131 on for V-Day

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It's gifting season again--sexytime gifting and we found out that last year, the average Illinoisan spent $131 on goods to get the love. There are flowers and chocolate, massages, tantric sex lessons--the possibilities of what goods and services to spend that $131 on are endless. But what's the most popular category? Prepare to have your mind blown: The most popular Valentine's Day gift isn't romantic. It's not flowers. Not chocolate or jewelry. It's clothes. Not sexy clothes - just clothes.

According to Ebates, an online deal aggregator the traditional Valentine's Day gifts of chocolate and flowers have fallen by the wayside--at least on their site. Racked has obtained internal sales data from last year's Valentine's Day promotion showing the most popular gifts for V-Day. Let's break it down stat-by-stat... just for you, we're doing the math to see how that average $131 was spent.

Percentage spent on clothing and accessories: 30%
Percentage spent on going away: 15%
Percentage spent on techcessories: 8%
And beauty products: 8%
Average cost of 12 roses in Hong Kong: $205 (above the Chicagoan's budget)
Average cost of 12 roses in Chicago: $80.03
Amount the average Illinoisan spends on Valentine's Day: $131
Cost (at the door) of a 2-hour introductory tantric class at TantraNova: $50
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