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Personal Training Gets Even More Personal

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When you think of a personal trainer, you probably think of what happens after you decide to hire one: the embarrassment of disclosing your carb-centric eating ills; the dreaded "weigh-in" and measurement taking; and the sweat-inducing workouts that will soon ensue. But how do you go about choosing a personal trainer before you lie prone on the mat? Word of mouth? Join a gym and have one assigned to you? Go with the cheapest your money can buy? Matthew Kornblatt has figured out a way to personalize the selection experience with RightFit Chicago.

Kornblatt touts RightFit Chicago as a kind of " for personal training." He says, "with my passion for physical fitness and my
understanding of the benefits of working with a personal trainer, I saw a need to help people find the right personal trainer to help them get in shape." The way the site works is like this: You, the trainee, will complete an in-depth survey assessing your fitness goals, levels, etc., and upon completion of the survey, a list of trainers will generate for you based on your answers. According to Kornblatt, "the matchmaking process is based off of an algorithm that takes into account, price, location, specialty, gender, and more." Each trainer has a profile on the site that shows certifications held, years of experience, pricing structure, etc., so that you can know as much as you want about (or get as personal as you want) your trainer. Think it may be the right fit for you? Log onto the site on Monday, Feb. 11 when the site officially launches to get personal.
· RightFit Chicago [Official Site]