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Make Valentine's Day A Little Sweeter

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It's that amorous time of year when store shelves are littered with chocolate filled heart shaped boxes and while no one particularly cares for the contents, it is the thought that counts. Right!? As if!
There is little, if any, thought in a boring box of stale chocolates. You want to give (or receive) something that says I specifically thought of you. Well just in time for Valentine's Day or really any day, Amy DiTomasso of Sugar Chic Designs has launched A Sweet Delivery, a customizable, fashionable and modern spin on candy gift giving. Made to order, A Sweet Delivery allows you to choose the packaging, the interior design and candy contents of the gift you are giving. If you are not as ambitious or simply have trouble deciding what to choose, A Sweet Delivery also has pre-designed options.
And if you don't have a special someone or an occasion to celebrate, you can always pull a "Cher" and gift yourself A Sweet Delivery. - Victoria A Olivares
· A Sweet Delivery [Official Site]
· Sugar Chic Designs [Official Site]