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Stuart Granen of Architectural Artifacts Celebrates 25 Years of Galavanting and Collecting With Gargantuan Auction

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This year, the adventurous and worldly owner of Architectural Artifacts, Suart Granen, will celebrate 25 years of bringing Ravenswood some of the coolest and most unique antiques on earth. Inside his showroom-warehouse, which is actually the largest warehouse we know of that sells oddities like this, Stuart will host a three-day auction of nearly 2,000 of his "biggest and baddest cultural artifacts".

For anyone inexperienced with Stuart's store, this opportunity to buy or touch these items is one to jump at, considering how rare it is to own any of these objects or be fascinated by their foreign beauty. Stuart tells us a few items within a stone's throw of his desk that he's favoring now are Turkish and French mediaeval armor helmets, a twenty-foot leaded red glass window and a Burmese ceremonial wedding temple. These things exist in the world, and we may not ever get to experience half of them, much less have them all our own at competitive prices, so mark the auction in your iCal: April 5, 6 and 7.
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