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What to Wear to Rihanna's Diamonds Concert This Friday

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Rihanna's latest tour, the Diamonds World Tour has only been on the road for ten days, and it's already getting good reviews. As always with Rihanna, rocker sex-infused apparel is involved, so what to expect this time? Lot of Givenchy-esque looks from Ricardo Tisci and a black cloak from Raf Simons. But what to wear yourself—that's the real question.

There's always the Rihanna Collection for River Island which was launched on March 5, but there are no River Island shops in the U.S. and shipping would take too long. So to guide lost sartorial souls who plan on going to the United Center this Friday, March 22, here are several RiRi-inspired pieces to help you sift through your closet and find the best possible thing to wear.
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