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Smoque Flavored Vapors Store Opens in Lakeview

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Photos: James Atkins

Sometimes there's just some bizarre, futuristic new niche shop that deserves attention because not many people do whatever it is that this new shop does. One of these shops, Smoque just opened in East Lakeview and its the only shop in the city to custom mix electronic smoke vapors.

The motivation behind Smoque was to find a way to enjoy and make new flavors of vapor for a little head high and an alternative to eating dessert without negative side effects of smoking. The shop's products allow for a feel and effect without being smelly or making a public scene.

All vapor flavors are mixed in-house with organic extracts and natural food grade flavorings. So far the shop sells 32 flavors ranging from cinnamon with pear to Champagne with countless custom options which all cost between $3.50 to $16.
· Smoque [Official Site]