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About Damen + Division's New Spring/Summer Collection and Why You Should Be Hungry For It Right Now

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Damen + Division, a Chicago-based contemporary jewelry line has been on the scene for nearly fifteen years. Owner Sonia Barrett has seen success previous seasons' necklaces, bracelets and earrings made of crystals, statement gems and vintage elements and now, for Spring and Summer 2013 has decided to bring back some stand-out designs from the past.

Sonia tells us she's always sourced materials from trade shows, bead shops and found inspiration from current trends. But this season, her most frequent clients and best-selling stores like Sarca have asked that she touch on the elements that garnered her early acclaim as a designer.

So in keeping with the 'something old something new' philosophy, Spring / Summer incorporates blue and white glass beads inspired by a collection of antique ginger jars in her home, oblong baubles and black and white milliners ribbon that's used in clothing. "It's kind of a throwback to when I used raw edge silk ribbon," Sonia says, "you'll also start to see a lot more chain and a lot of gold."

As a full time mom with a two year old, she says her outfits are always casual; jeans and a t-shirt or a button down. "I read this article a while ago about how life is easier without critical thinking, it's very fatiguing for the mind and it wears you down," Sonia explains. "So, I made this connection—putting so much thought into getting dressed for specific occasions really doesn't have to be that hard. I wear simple things during the day when I'm with my daughter, and dress it up with one of my necklaces and a charm bracelet at night.

Sonia then goes on to say that her husband, an exec at an online lead generation company has applied the same principal to his life. His assistant comes into his office every day and asks what to have and where to go for lunch. It's a small decision that doesn't really matter, and shouldn't require critical thought. So the husband just says to his office assistant, wherever you go, just get a turkey sandwich. "So it's nice when you just have a constant — you don't have to think about what is nice. For me, jewelry or my charm bracelet is my turkey sandwich.That's why I make these, to make women's lives easier."
· Damen + Division [Official Site]