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Consignment Couture Right In The Heart of Downtown Chicago

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Welcome to Selling Stuff 101, a primer on the best local consignment and buy/sell/trade spots in Chicago.

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For a glimpse of the most opulent consignment items in the city, look no further than Designer Resale of Chicago.

We don't often think of the River North area as a destination for thrift shopping. Then again, there is nothing thrifty about Designer Resale, which is arguably Chicago's highest-end consignment store. Pieces from classic couture labels like Chanel, Missoni and Hermes line the proverbial shelves here.

The consignment policy here isn't lenient. For one thing, consignors must bring in a minumum of 10 items in order to sell. If you're really looking to clean out your closet, sell a minimum of 100 items; if you hit this number, they'll even pick up your items for a fee.

Apparel can't be over two or three years old (unless it's from Chanel or Hermes, of course.) It goes without saying that all pieces must be in prime condition for the store to consider consigning them.

Oh, and ladies with small feet should find another place to sell. This store only accepts shoes in a size 7 and a half or larger.
· Designer Resale of Chicago [Official Site]

Designer Resale of Chicago

658 N. Dearborn Street, Chicago, IL, 60654