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Luxury Garage Sale: A Consignment Store for Chicago and Beyond.

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Welcome to Selling Stuff 101, a primer on the best local consignment and buy/sell/trade spots in Chicago.

When old friends Brielle Buchberg and Lindsay Segal decided to go into business together, they struck gold. In case it's not abundantly clear based on our extensive coverage, Luxury Garage Sale is a key player in the Chicago consignment scene.

You might know the deal here, but if not, a recap: The popular Old Town consignment store is a garage sale-style resale destination filled with luxury items. But the thing that sets this store apart is how hard its team works to make the consigning experience fluid and free of complication.

The LGS team picks up items and works with consignors to set an appropriate price. They'll even work with consignors outside of Chicago—they offer a free UPS pickup service.

But the best part about consigning with Luxury Garage Sale is that it's actually worth it. If your item doesn't sell, you're not charged for it. You can either take the item back or donate it to charity (you'll get a tax write-off!) The store accepts 35 percent commision of the item after it does sell, which is definitely on the low end.

The store's strong online presence sets it apart as well. Customers are welcome to shop online, and the LGS blog is a great resource for all things stylish.
· Luxury Garage Sale [Official Site]

Luxury Garage Sale

1658 N Wells Street, Chicago, IL 773-360-7293 Visit Website