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Inside Wicker Park's Newest Boutique for International Labels

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Photos: James Atkins

Last week was the first week for Moon Voyage, Wicker Park's recent addition to becoming more of a destination for strange shoppers. In it, the smiling faces of the staff greet shoppers and introduce them to terrestrial tribal and haunting trends from around the world.

On our trip we shopped nearly 50 labels from American Retro to Show Me Your Mumu. There were Korean beauty products and frocks from Australia, jewelry from the U.S. and Japanese strawberry-shaped hair curlers. In all, the curated offerings are completely unique from another and diverse, yet all seem to work so well within this side street shop and exude a future tense of romance. The best part about all of this is that clothing and accessories are all very affordable. Dresses are hovering around that $70-$100 range, sunglasses are $40 and the most spendy piece we saw was an ultra-soft leather tank at $260.
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