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Celebrate Earth Day With Emotive Reclaim

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Each Earth Day we circle around to the conscious decisions that prolong the life of the planet and remind us that this is the only place where we can live... at least until Mars becomes inhabitable. So it helps when the items that we surround ourselves with can save natural resources and look good too.

Rob Christopher is a handsome gentleman with a ton of talent (knows how to work with his hands) reclaiming wood and natural materials to create custom, one-of-a-kind furniture and art pieces. As a carpenter by trade, Rob has eighteen years under his belt working with wood and refining his aesthetic. This Earth Day, Rob's near west wide studio celebrates its one-year anniversary as Emotive Reclaim.

The rub for buyers is that Rob's pieces aren't represented in showrooms or any of Racked's 38 best home goods stores because all of Emotive Reclaim's pieces are unique. Each table; work of art has its own story, its own place and its own place in the client's life.
· Emotive Reclaim [Official Site]