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Spring Advice From The Owner of Bucktown's Glossiest Nail Salon

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The temps are warming and hopefully after today's spring shower, we'll see the blooms. With the warmer weather, everybody is breaking out the stripy sandals and the peep toe pumps. This means your tootsies are going to be showing, and maybe you need a new paint job to keep up with those spring shoes? Fear not: owner of ZaZaZoo Nail Salon on Damen In Bucktown Larisa Stanojevic gives us some insight on what hot for spring so your shoes aren't upstaging your pedi.

"Spring is finally here (I hope so) and its time to break winter blues. Some of the popular shades are high - octane hues, anything bright (like orange and pink) . Also, pastels are going to be big this season - like minty greens, pale purple, pale cloudy blues. These colors are giving away its retro mood, which is very popular lately. This spring we also have a lot of dark nail polishes that are popular (which is usually popular in winter) but we saw a lot of dark nails at NYC spring/summer '13 fashion week."
· ZaZaZoo Nail Salon [Official Site]

ZaZaZoo Nail Salon

1842 N. Damen, Chicago IL