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#ThrowbackThursday: Laurie Davis' Favorite Shoes from the 70s

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Laurie Davis is the owner of high-end vintage boutique Lu Lu's at the Belle Kay and newly opened vintage jewelry boutique Lu Lu's on the Avenue. Through her years of movin' an' shakin' she's seen and done it all. Today, for #ThrowbackThursday we look at Laurie and celebrate her style and shine the spotlight on the pair of shoes she wore to Studio54.

"My friends and I, we'd have campari and soda in the afternoon before we'd go out dancing—we danced constantly."—Laurie Davis

"I once lived downtown, right across the street from Bonwit Teller. I had such an attraction to glitter back then. I would change outfits three times a day and my friends would say I was the only person they knew who would wear a pair of tight jeans and a black glitter tube top in the afternoon."

"It must have been 1976 when I bought this pair from Maud Frizon. I cant remember the name right now but they came from a very high end boutique in Water Tower. I just loved the gold so I justified paying about $350."

"I had about 40 pairs of shoes at that time, which was a big deal back then. So it was around that time that my husband and I were newly weds and we had a few friends in New York getting married. So we went to their wedding and I wore them to Studio 54—it was an amazing. When I was in Chicago, I wore them everywhere even to Faces just south of where Gibson's is now. We were big cabareters; my friends and I, we'd have campari and soda in the afternoon before we'd go out dancing--we danced constantly."
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