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This Happened at HAIR WARS 2013

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We've had some pretty crazy haircuts in our day, and relish in each opportunity to bond with our fellow 'do gooders (HA!) so you can imagine our excitement at HAIR WARS this week. Held at the reasonable hour of 11:00PM at the Mid nightclub in the West Loop, ten teams of hairstylists and hair sculptors competed to win the title of Supreme Salon.

The event was sponsored by Wella, Airbrush Academy, Glam Live, Mario Ink, GoykPhoto, and Lock&Loaded and was judged by North American Hairstylist Awards' newcomer of the year 2012 Sal Misseri. Standout styles were across the board from a kinetic pink and black record player to airbrushed zombie faces on the scantily clad torsos of models. BCS Hair Salon took the crown with their theme "Music of Hair."
· BCS Hair Salon [Official Site]