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Now for Round 2: Which Neighborhood Has the Better Style: Pilsen Versus Wicker Park?

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Welcome back to Neighborhood Style Showdown, our quest to determine Chicago's most stylish neighborhood.

BEHOLD: The racks of Eskell. Photo

It's now officially time to kick off Round 2, which puts Pilsen up against Wicker Park. First, along 18th Street are star-player vintage shops, great Mexican bakeries like Nuevo Leon and free-thinking and locally-owned shops like Knee Deep and Comet Vintage. The style is casual with an art school (crafty) indie rocker edge.

Along Milwaukee Avenue in Big Star's territory, (albeit starting to turn commercial) we have an established indie shopping scene featuring shops like Eskell or Trillium which turn any Chicagoan with a wallet into a romantic lush. So who wins? Cast your vote now and may the most stylish neighborhood win.

BEHOLD: The racks of Knee Deep. Photo

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1744 W Division Street, Chicago, IL 60622 773 698 8162 Visit Website

Comet Vintage

1320 W 18th Street, Chicago, IL 60608