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Antwerp Fashion Visionaries Talk Cultural Innovation Tonight

 Photo: Inge Grognard and Ronald Stoops
Photo: Inge Grognard and Ronald Stoops

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Ever wondered what happens inside the head of a visionary. What do they see and how do they talk about the future of fashion? Tonight is the night to find out. Moderated by designer Anke Loh, SAIC professor Zoe Ryan and John H. Bryan, the curator of architecture and design at SAIC a panel of five Antwerpen designers will dish on interests and motivations for their work. Included will be Walter van Beirendonck, husband and wife duo Inge Grognard and Ronald Stoops, Paul Boudens and Dirk van Saene.

These five panelists, each influential in their own way, whether it be opening their own shop, collaborating with (or in Walter's case, being) one of the Antwerp Six or innovating techniques and manipulation of materials will talk passionately about their industry--and this is the chance to see inside. The talk is free and open to the public tonight at the Columbus Auditorium, 280 S. Columbus behind the Art Institute at 6PM.
· An Antwerp Design Collective: A Nexus of Commerce, Art and Fashion [SAIC]

Columbus Auditorium

280 S Columbus, Chicago IL