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You're Not Big or Tall, But You Should Care What's Moving Here

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Water Tower Park, where the tulips are about to take center stage is majorly trafficked making it a great spot for people watching. There are so many different types of people—and all of them have personality. It's a mix of the Michigan Ave tourist crowd, Northwestern workers, Loyola students and Oak Street scenesters all converging in one of, if not the most iconic area for shopping in this city.

To the north we have H&M, Topshop and across the street is The Lookingglass Theater. On Pearson where the horse carriages hang out is Bottega Veneta and next to that, on the ground floor of the Park Hyatt is Giorgio Armani. South of Chicago Avenue there's that Walgreens where they keep hiding the pistachios, Ralph Lauren and RL where we caught Oprah texting while Justin Bieber was singing. There's also the second largest Anthropologie in the world and come this fall, Rochester Big & Tall will be its upstairs neighbor—meaning the store will move out of its current location on Chestnut in Plaza Escada.

Which leaves this building entirely vacant. First Culti Milano closed, then Escada moved out onto Oak. Soon after we heard a rumor that the entrance to the sub-level Rochester Big & Tall was being sealed off, making us worried that they were going to trap all the big and tall people down there forever! So now that we know Big & Tall is moving, and all the workers will be safe, we'll look forward to the next possible evolution of this corner retail space.
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Rochester Big & Tall

111 E Chicago Ave, Chicago Il