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Loomstate Collaborated With Chipotle. Is That Weird?

Image via Chipotle
Image via Chipotle

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Earth Day this year is Monday, April 22 and in celebration, two brands have unexpectedly teamed up. Loomstate, known for their organic cotton denim and ultra soft shirts has collaborated with Chipotle Mexican Grill, which is known for making burritos that can't fit into your mouth.

Since Chipotle parted ways with its largest investor, Oak Brook-based McDonalds several years ago, they have become known for a passion for environmental awareness. Likewise, without that haunting McD's affiliation, Loomstate has always been a pioneer in sustainable and eco-conscious clothing. So apparently this is a natural fit for both brands, right?

Now that all Chipotle employees will be wearing custom Loomstate uniforms, the rest of sustainable Chipotle + Loomstate collection ranging from hoodies and baby onsies to skate decks and water bottles is for available for sale. But this raises the question of weirdness.

Loomstate, as far back as we can remember since Rogan Gregory and Scott Mackinlay Hahn first started the casual American brand has maintained such high standards and a constant vision. Chipotle on the other and has a checkered history of rounding up customer's bill amounts, refusing to sign farm labor abuse agreements and has endured a bizarre backlash after they ran a commercial featuring round pigs being turned into square pigs during the Grammys. To some it may seem like this is a '7' trying to date a '10', or maybe it's real love and Chipotle's days of controversy are behind them. Whatever the case may be, it's still weird.
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