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For the Crown: Is Lakeview or Pilsen More Stylish?

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Welcome back to Neighborhood Style Showdown, our quest to determine Chicago's most stylish neighborhood.

Here is is, folks. The final round of Neighborhood Style Showdown 2013. In round one Pilsen whooped Andersonville; in round two Lakeview kicked Bucktown's butt. And now we pair the two victors up and let them battle it out for the crown. Polls close on Monday so get to work.

Perchance Boutique via

First is Lakeview along the Southport stretch we have Julius Meinl's famous quiche, bread pudding pancakes at Southport Grocery, Anthropologie's award-winning windows and the original Perchance Boutique. We've established that many first dates happen at The Music Box and after-brunch shopping happens at former Racked 38 Member Cerato and Krista K. Down the block, beauty nuts find solace at Benefit and Blue Mercury. And who can forget about Uncle Fun on Belmont, just off the main drag? The style here is "gently used" but actually brand new mixes with casual affluence.

Artpentry via

And then there's the grit and sexy rockers along 18th Street at Halsted. Best known are star-player vintage shops like Comet and Pilsen Vintage, but there's also great florists like Flor Del Monte and cafes like The Jumping Bean. Not to be overlooked are secret stylish faculties like the Luminaire Warehouse, where you can occasionally score a floor model or Broadway Costumes, an industry rental warehouse to catch a ball gown, tux, or fish costume from any era. We've established that free-thinking studios like Artpentry can host Topman and locally-owned culture hubs like Nightwood are an integral part of Chicago's fashion set. All of this together makes the neighborhood style casual with an arty/indie edge.

So which will you choose? Cast your vote now and may the most stylish neighborhood win.

Poll results

Comet Vintage

1320 W 18th Street, Chicago, IL 60608