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How to Shop The Gilt City Warehouse Sale this Weekend

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This weekend is the latest edition of the semi-annual Gilt City Warehouse Sale. Happening again in the far West Loop at the MCA Warehouse, Gilt Groupe is expecting thousands of shoppers. The lines, the blasting music, and maze of racks--it can get hectic so we've taken the liberty to jot down a few pointers to make the sale easier.

1) First try to recall the past few months of sales and the brands that Gilt featured that you'll want to check out. There is no lookbook or catalogue of merchandise, so just think it out. For a sampling of what was at last October's Gilt City Warehouse Sale, there's a link at the bottom of this post.

2) Think about the total amount you intend to spend ahead of time because though prices are cheap, some things are still a splurge. We've camped out at the checkout table at many Gilt City Warehouse Sales before and seen shopper's credit cards get declined. Don't let that sad face be yours, okay?

3) Wear base layers so that clothes and dresses are easy to try on. Wear slip-ons like Bucketfeet or ballet flats so trying on shoes is a snap. The fitting room is usually a big corral with girls getting almost naked and sometimes there's a line to get in. On the same note, you can't return stuff so try on everything you intend to buy. We made this mistake with a Trafalgar belt once. Remember, just because you're a normal size, doesn't mean the clothing is, too--it's at the sale for a reason.

4) The shoes are usually the first thing you see when you walk upstairs to shop the sale. Shop this section first because they're usually a mess and pretty picked over by noon. Second is accessories and finally clothing.

5) There are five sessions to shop; the first of the day costs $15, the others cost $10 to get in. Get there well before your session starts because there's always a line that wraps around the hallway of the warehouse. It looks a lot shorter than it actually is. Also, no handbags, backpacks (guilty) or jackets allowed inside the sale. Just pack light and only carry your credit card and driver's license.

6) Lastly, the weather for this weekend is forecasted to be a beautifully normal spring day. Look forward to a high of 48° and a low of 38°, perfect for post-shopping brunching. To get those plans started, just lube yourself up with the liquor sponsor at the sale.
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MCA Warehouse

1747 West Hubbard Street, Chicago IL