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Beep Beep! The Dockers Airstream is Coming This Thursday

Photo via Dockers
Photo via Dockers

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Earlier this Spring we brought you the news that Dockers, the brand with a business casual soul, is bringing an Airstream to Chicago's Loop. It's the final stop on a three city tour called "Wear the Pants" with GQ magazine. Starting on Thursday, April 11 through the day on Friday, April 12 khaki specialists are showcasing new product from their Spring/Summer '13 collection.

Inside the Airstream, you'll find GQ's Executive Stylist Brett Fahlgren dishing his wizard knowledge of clothing and giving complimentary pairs of khakis to guests. Additionally the Airstream is toting around a barber from Joe's Barbershop to give guests free trims.

Keep your eyes peeled for the tour to show up on Thursday at Pioneer Court where that huge Marilyn Monroe statue once stood and at Friday One Financial Place by the Board of Trade.
· Dockers [Official Site]

Pioneer Court Plaza

401 N Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611