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The Arty Party Answers: 'Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?'

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Photos: James Atkins

Last week the sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte flew in to visit with Ikram, tour the studio of Nick Cave and scoop up The Legend of Fashion Award at the annual fashion show THE WALK. While they were here, we had the privilege of driving around with them in the back seat of a cab to talk to them about life, fashion, and the general workings of the world.

One question that came up was (inspired after the 50's TV show on BBC) if they could be an animal, vegetable or mineral, which one would they be? Both of them gave the same answer—mineral—which speaks deeply to their design aesthetic and how they view themselves in their community. So at the gala succeeding THE WALK where they received their award, we asked several Chicago boutique owners, models, philanthropists and party goers that same question. Click through the gallery for their answers.
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